Convert from InDesign to WordPress

Convert from InDesign to WordPress

InDesign -> HTML -> WordPress

Our tool is working flawlessly in production at several clients and we are glad to let you play with it!

If you just want to see the result, please check this post (automatically generated).

1) Download our InDesign export test package

Test our prepared InDesign package, downloadable here. This is the fastest way to see what the InDesign export zip looks like. You will have to export the same thing from InDesign for each document you want to send to WordPress. It is really easy : from InDesign export to HTML with recommended options.

2) Use our online converter to upload package

Once downloaded, you can use our online converter to see how easy it will be to go from InDesign to wordpress once you use our product. It reveals the exact production workflow you’ll use in your company.

3) That’s all!

If you need more information on how to configure InDesign to prepare your documents to be exported as valid HTML for InDesign2Wordpress process, please follow the guide “Prepare InDesign document for HTML export“. You’ll have a good idea of the work to be done as pre-requisite inside InDesign templates.