Prepare InDesign document for HTML export

Prepare InDesign document for HTML export

In order to use InDesign 2 Post plugin, you need to export an HTML document from InDesign interface. Before you can do that, you must ensure your document is styled properly (especially concerning images and image galleries) in order for the plugin to be able to parse, create post elements and layout correctly.

You can find an InDesign example document here.

Styles In InDesign document


You can use your own custom styles inside your document but if you do so, you need to ensure the plugun configuration in WordPress matches you styles names. To do that, go to Settings > InDesign 2 Post

Restrict CPT to show to post creator

Choose post types available for automatic import in back office on page New post from InDesign HTML Export

Title tag, name of tag (for ex. h1) to search in content

tag value will be used as post title

Coma separated list of HTML tags to replace by a space character

All html tag in this field will be replaced by a space (” “) character inside post body

HTML Tags to keep ($allowable_tags parameter of strip_tags)

All tags in this list will be left untouched from the HTML export, so it will be interpreted as html in post and shown on front end according to site styles

HTML Tags to map to ACF fields

Allow automatic import of defined tags to ACF fields. Should be json format like :


Class name of tag containing one (or more) a caption and one (or more) images.

The plugin will detect those blocs to try to associate images and captions

Class name of tag containing captions of images

The plugin will detect the figure number inside these tags

Class name of tag containing figure call

Class name of tag containing figure call inside the body of the text. The plugin will detect the figure number inside these tags and try to associate it with correct images insertions

Class name added to img tag containing featured image.

Tag to retrieve featured post image

Automatic image resizing

If enabled, on the fly image resize will occur to the parameters defined in the following two fields

Resize width (px) to

Resize height (px) to

Choose resize mode

Choose way of resizing

Use ImageMagick if present

ImageMagick is working well, enable this to use it.

Enable swipe on image galleries

This premium feature automatically adds swipe to galleries


Make sure all images in your document are correctly styled before exporting to HTML, else you may loose some of them, miss captions or galleries.


Input .zip file should be an HTML export from InDesign software, containing both .html file and a folder with all images. In order to create that, you first need to export you document as HTML, using native InDesign feature.